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High Above Lookout + Fidlock Twist + Fidlock V Buckle

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Combining all the best forces of hydration solutions + innovative hip pack design. Build your own custom Fidlock Lookout and choose how many bells and whistles you want to add.

Offered in any color combo, with or without a Cobra, and 1 or 2 15oz Fidlock bottles. Choose your favorite combo that will make your buddies drool.  Truly custom. Built just for you.

This is the same great Lookout you know and love, featuring waterproof zippered pockets, internal pockets for organizing, and a key clip to keep you from trailhead misfortune. Invincible construction and smart, simple details make the Fidlock Lookout your number one pack.

Fidlock Notes

  • Do not wash your Fidlock bottles in the dishwasher without removing the magnetic female end. 
  • High Above is not responsible for any appliance snafus. We warned you above.
  • All single Fidlocks will come installed on the right hand side, unless you specify in your order note at checkout. 
  • Due to the construction of the wing panel, Fidlocks cannot be retro-fitted to accomodate an already finished pack. Sorry!

Fidlock Twist

  • An innovation new method of bottle attachment.s
  • Attaches instantly with one hand!
  • Magnetic and Mechanical connection for security
  • Incredible ease of use
  • Parts replaceable if damaged.

Fidlock V - Buckle

  • FIdlock fasteners are an innovative and lightweight waistbelt upgrade option for your pack
  • magnetic/mechanical closure for security
  • Really, really cool looking.