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High Above The Apollo Payload Platform Mk I

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Obsessively designed, locally made.
High Above is continuing their journey into well thought out mountain bike goods with the new Apollo Plate. The younger sibling of the the more feature rich Gemini, the Apollo is a smart, lightweight accessory plate available in 6 anodized colors with matching aluminum adjuster and 4 woven label colors. Options!

The Apollo is a lightweight, straight-forward option for unshakable mounting of items to your frame. Included is our updated Kevlar-reinforced hypalon velcro strap for quick, easy access while still being ultra-secure.

The High Above Apollo Payload Platform is an anodized aluminum plate which is optimized for light weight and adjustability.

“I flew to the moon not so much to go there, but as part of developing the system that would allow it to happen.”– Neil Armstrong


  • Laser cut aluminum body

  • Laser cut strap adjuster

  • Low Profile Velcro closure

  • 1.625” x 3.25” plate size

  • Strap holds items 1.5- 3.5” diameter

  • Plate mounts to standard 64mm bottle cage mounts

  • Invincible Kevlar-reinforced hypalon strap

  • Ultra sexy, ultra light