YT Water Bottle THIRSTMASTER 4000

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Live uncaged: the Thirstmaster 4000 does not need a cage, thanks to the FidLock© Twist System which combines the advantages of a magnetic and a mechanical snap lock. This system ensures a secure, rattle-free fit which holds the bottle safely in place even while jumping. Simply twist the bottle to release it, it’s easy to do even while riding. No need to fumble around to put the bottle back either: just hold it close to the base plate and let the magnets do their job. The bottle holds 600 ml of liquid and thanks to the smoked-glass, semi-transparent finish you’ll always know when it’s time to fill up again. And when you ride without the bottle, the small base plate is hardly noticeable on the frame.


  • without Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • wash before use (in dishwasher)
  • suitable for hot drinks up to 50°C
  • suitable for cold drinks down to 0°C
  • dishwasher safe
  • easy to clean
  • completely recyclable
  • fits all JEFFSY CF and AL from 2019/2020 and all IZZO bike range