EXT Superlight V2 Spring

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The new Superlight V2 Springs are developed using exotic materials mainly used in motorsports applications.

This material features a very high tensile strength and modulus that coupled with a very dedicate design and specific production processes allows the new generation of Superlight springs to weigh up to 30% less compared to the previous Superlight and other “normal” steel springs (weigh reduction percentage depends on spring stiffness and travel values).

New features are:

- 100% crack detection proof

- The feature of higher % of vanadium results in a very high dynamic possible stress

- Long life span (automotive standards of over 500.000 cycles)

- Reduction of weight compared to the same spring made from “normal” spring
steel (up to 30% of reduction, depending on spring characteristics)

EXT Superlight V2 Springs are carefully calculated to the minimum length for the stroke required, this means that your spring will totally cover the shock stroke, but will also have a lighter weight.

EXT Springs are developed for a long time use, thanks to improved mechanical characteristics and its material directly derived from motorsport.

We offer a rate increase by 25lb to fine tune your mtb.

EXT Superlight V2 Springs do not need any preload (maximum 2mm preload) allowing you the best feeling of coil shock.

The use of springs with K over 600 require dedicated spring hardware/adapter.


225lb, 250lb, 275lb, 300lb, 325lb, 350lb, 375lb, 400lb, 425lb, 450lb, 475lb, 500lb, 525lb, 550lb, 575lb, 600lb, 650lb, 700lb, 750lb, 800lb


Our SPACERS allow the springs to fit any shock on the market plus the ability to switch the spring to another bike from Enduro to DH bike.