High Above


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The Venture reinvents the small hip pack in a unique form that is invincible and water resistant with a focus on ease-of-access. Featuring a Fidlock closure, you are able to reach into your pack to access a tool, your phone or a snack and close the bag again with only one hand.

The Quick Draw Edition includes a hyper-secure twist-off bottle mount that allows you to easily grab a drink and snap your bottle back into place before dropping in.

This little big bag is designed to disappear when you're riding with it, but be roomy enough to keep a small litany of things stashed away. We take it on shorter-than-epic rides, and find it carries everything you might reasonably desire.

ETC Straps come standard and give you the option to carry bulkier items like a jacket rolled into its own hood tidily, which is a concern for those not wanting to rock that country club cape look on the shoulders or tied around the waist.

Option to add a Fidlock (pictured) or Cobra buckle waist closure rather than the standard waist buckle.


Technically classified as ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), Dyneema® fibers are produced by extruding a UV-resistant polyethylene gel through a spinneret. In a patented process, the fiber is drawn, heated, stretched, and cooled. The result is a filament with exceptional long-chain molecular alignment and high crystallization that limits density while allowing for uncommon load dispersion. At one-thousandth of an inch in thickness, Dyneema® has a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio that makes it the strongest fiber in the world.

Fifteen times stronger than high-quality steel, lightweight, extremely durable, waterproof and resistant to UV light and chemicals, Dyneema® fiber is increasingly used in industries where strength and dependability matter most—from military and law enforcement (personal and vehicle armor), the maritime industry (mooring ropes), and commercial fishing (lines and nets).