OneUp EDC Stem Top Cap & Preload Kit

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  • ราคาปกติ 1,150.00 ฿

The EDC Stem Top Cap & Preload Kit includes an EDC ready headset top cap, a headset bearing preload assembly, 40mm of integrated headset spacers, and an EDC steerer plug. When installed into the OneUp Stem it creates an EDC ready stem that does not require threading your steerer tube.

How does the OneUp EDC Preloader Work?

The OneUp Stem has a recess in the bottom of the body to house the Preloader assembly with a third bolt at the steerer clamp which you use to adjust the preload.

The Preloader is a conical split wedge collar with a pinch bolt and lock nut which mate with a conical headset spacer.

Tightening the Preload Bolt on the back of the stem pulls the collar together, which tightens the internal cone and pushes the conical headset spacer down away from the stem and preloads your headset. 

The EDC steerer plug is required for EDC tool storage and is compatible with most aluminum tapered steerer tubes. 

Incompatible forks 

  • Trust Message fork (i.d. of the fork is too small to work with EDC stem top cap)
  • RockShox Sid Ultimate Carbon (EDC tool will not fit)
  • RockShox Sid Worldcup (EDC tool will not fit)


  • Stem EDC Top Cap
  • EDC steerer plug
  • Stem Preload assembly
  • 2x 10mm, 2x 5mm, clip in headset spacers