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The Paago Works Rush 5R

This running bag is designed with input from many runners with a pocket layout designed for optimal positioning, ease of access and comfortable fitting.  The Rush 5R can be adjusted according to your body type and luggage amount and the side adjusters provide added comfort.

Pocket Layout

The Rush 5R includes shoulder pockets designed for soft flasks and bottles in an easy to reach position and one handed access.  The elasticated material keeps the bottles from moving around.  Energy bars / gels can be stored in the 2nd shoulder pocket with ease of access.

Side pockets can be used for infrequently used items and a pocket on the right side can be used for trash such as energy bar wrappers and a large zipped pocket on the rear can store a rain jacket or other clothing with an additional pocket against the back used for hydration bags.  The included cords can be used to attach poles to either the bag of the bag or sitting underneath.

  • Material: Stretch Mesh
  • Capacity: 7L
  • Weight: 250g
  • Size: 38.0X26.0X10.0cm